Hyper Cover Vacuum Storage Bag

Size: 40x60 cm
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Discover the ultimate storage solution with Hyper Cover Vacuum Storage Bags, designed to increase your storage space while protecting your belongings dramatically. Perfect for Australian homes, where managing space smartly is crucial, these bags are a must-have for anyone looking to declutter efficiently and effectively.

These vacuum storage bags can compress contents by up to 80%, turning bulky items into manageable packs. Imagine transforming your seasonal bedding, winter clothing, and bulky towels into slim parcels that slide neatly under beds, in closets, or above wardrobes. This maximised space efficiency is ideal for smaller living spaces or those looking to streamline their living environment.

Hyper Cover Vacuum Storage Bags are not only space savers but also incredibly user-friendly. The process is simple: fill the bag, seal it, and vacuum the air. Within minutes, you have a compact, easily stored package that makes organization a breeze. Whether you’re preparing for a move, seasonal storage, or just aiming to reduce clutter, these bags provide a quick and effective solution.

These bags are unmatched in durability organisation. Designed for repeated long-term use, the robust materials withstand the rigours of storage and handling, ensuring they can be reused season after season without declining performance. This durability makes them economical, reducing the need for frequent replacements.

Beyond space-saving and durability, Hyper Cover Vacuum Storage Bags offer comprehensive protection. They are engineered to shield your belongings from common storage threats like pests, dust, mildew, and even water. Whether you’re storing clothes, linens, or sentimental items, these bags ensure that your items remain pristine and free from environmental damage.


    • Maximized Space Efficiency: Compresses items by up to 80%, optimising storage capacity.
    • User-Friendly Design: Simplifies the storage process with a quick, effective solution.
    • Durable Materials: Built for repeated long-term use without compromising quality.
    • Comprehensive Protection: Shields against pests, dust, mildew, and water, ensuring the safety of stored items.


    • Brand: Hyper Cover
    • Material: Plastic
    • Colour: Transparent
    • Size: 40x60 cm / 50x70 cm / 60x80 cm / 80x100 cm / 100x120 cm
    • Package Content: 1x Pack of Vacuum Storage Bag
    • Country of Manufacture: China

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    Grace Kingston

    Great value!

    Gavin Charles


    Geoff Coombs

    Great product, fast and easy trade.

    Rachael Due Madsen

    Excellent service thank you

    Davor Lucic

    it sucks to save space

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