Hyper Cover Silicone Chair Leg Protector with Felt Brown

Shape: Round
Qty: 4 pcs
Sale price$4.99 AUD


Protect your floors elegantly and efficiently using the Hyper Cover Silicone Chair Leg Protector with Felt. Tailored to safeguard your flooring from damage while reducing noise, these protectors are essential to any Australian home or office. Their innovative design provides a practical and stylish furniture maintenance and floor preservation solution.

Crafted from premium silicone, these chair leg protectors are built to last, resisting wear and tear even under heavy use. The felt padding enhances the protective qualities by absorbing shock and ensures that each piece fits snugly without slipping. This dual functionality prevents scratches and scuffs on all types of flooring, from hardwood to laminate, ensuring that your floors remain pristine.

One of the standout features of the Hyper Cover Silicone Chair Leg Protector is its ability to reduce noise significantly. The soft felt and silicone combination effectively dampens the sound when furniture is moved, making it ideal for busy environments where peace is valued. Whether reconfiguring a room or simply pulling up a chair, these protectors help maintain a quieter, more serene setting.

Installation couldn’t be more straightforward. The flexible silicone allows for a quick, secure fit on various chair leg sizes and shapes without needing sticky adhesives or complex tools. Upon receiving your protectors, this user-friendly design ensures you can immediately protect your furniture and floors—slip them on, and you’re done.


  • Advanced Floor Protection: Shields floors from scratches and scuffs with superior durability.
  • Noise Reduction Technology: Minimizes noise when moving furniture, enhancing tranquillity in your space.
  • Enhanced Felt Padding: Offers additional cushioning to protect flooring and ensure a secure fit.
  • Simple Slip-On Installation: Designed for quick application without adhesive need.
    • Brand: Hyper Cover
    • Material: Silicone with Felt
    • Shape: Round / Square
    • Colour: Brown
    • Package Content: 1x Pack of Chair Leg Protectors
    • Country of Manufacture: China
    1. Please note that there may be slight variations in the colours of the product depicted in the pictures above, compared to the actual product, due to variations in shooting conditions and digital monitor settings.
    2. Kindly be aware that there could be a small discrepancy of approximately ± 2%~3% in the product, attributed to manufacturing inconsistencies.

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    Customer Reviews

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    Thank you

    Angelo Gattone

    These floor protectors are effective. They make the chair silent on the floor too. Delivery was very quick. Thank you.

    Angelo Gattone

    This produce is exactly as described and high quality. Thank you.

    Mark E. Gibson

    Nice product and delivered on time


    Absolutely fabulous.

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